Hands-On Toothpick Map

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Are you looking for hands-on ways to teach map skills? The toothpick map from Research Parent is a great resource to add to your collection!

(It also goes well with Sketching the 50 States, if you’re looking for more.)

Hands-On Toothpick Map

Toothpick Map Activity

You might have seen the map sets that come with pins. While those are great learning tools, they might not be the safest option if you have little ones!

They can also be a bit pricey. While they’re often worth it, free is good!

The hands-on lesson and printable set from Research Parent takes care of both problems.

Now, you can easily make a free hands-on activity that’s effective for your older students and a lot safer around your younger ones!

To get your free printables and instructions, just go to Research Parent. While you’re there, be sure to check out all the other fun ideas!

You can also find free resources from Research Parent here and here.

Download your Hands-On Toothpick Map!

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