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While we know we should be grateful all year long, it seems like we focus on it more during the Thanksgiving season.  Today’s printable helps you bring your gratefulness into crystal clear focus with a Thanksgiving jar.  Check out this beautiful printable below.

Are you looking for a super cute way to show gratitude during the Thanksgiving season?  Check out the Thanksgiving jar!  #Thanksgiving #gratitude #printable #homeschoolprintablesforfreeHow can you use this printable?

There are many ways to use The Thanksgiving Jar. You can use this printable for daily prayer and meditation, as journaling prompts, and Bible study starters.

The Thanksgiving Jar is also an excellent resource to be used with your family and relatives on Thanksgiving Day. You can gather the family before or after dinner and pass the cards around asking each person to read one card and respond to the prompt aloud. Then add it to the jar.

Another possibility is to also, on Thanksgiving Day, pass blank pieces of papers around the table, asking each person to take and read one card as everyone writes down their responses.

Hurry and get this one today!

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