Printable Snowman Counting Puzzles

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Do you have a little learner who loves snowmen?  Then these printable counting puzzles will be perfect for you!  Check them out below.

You can use them with kids in preschool, kindergarten, and some first graders. They are perfect for reviewing number recognition, counting, skip counting, recognizing patterns in numbers, and reviewing the names of numbers up to 100.
Here are a few ideas of ways to use them:
* Let your kiddos put them together by themselves.
* Use them as a station rotation.
* Provide magnets and a vertical metal surface (like a door, whiteboard, or fridge) and let your kiddos assemble them vertically.
* Pull out counters and let your child place the corresponding number of counters on each strip as the puzzle is assembled.
* Challenge your kiddo to choose two strips and add the numbers together!
What are you waiting for?  Starting having fun with these freebies today!

Grab Yours Here!

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