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Do you find it hard to teach literature to your high school student?  Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of literature available, or even wonder how to use it all.  Today’s planner can help you!


How do you add in literature?

First, it’s important to nail down what types of literature to include in your course of study.

Then, you can figure out which method works best for your family.

As far as what to include, it’s always nice to have a mix of novels, short stories, biographies/autobiographies, poems, and plays.

As far as who to include (authors and poets), it’s good to stick with the greats.

They’ll give your student something to chew on while also providing an incredible story.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to throw your ninth grader head-on into Hamlet or Great Expectations, but you should stretch your student beyond what they might pick for themselves.

The Hunger Games trilogy and the Harry Potter series fun to read, and there are interesting discussion and projects that can arise from both.

However, if your child only reads within their comfort level, they’re not likely to grow.

To help you out, today we have more tips and suggestions plus a free 6-page checklist of literature options for your high schooler to work with.

Grab Yours Here!

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