Human Body Systems Printables

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Studying the human body is fun and fascinating. Kids love to learn how their bodies work!

One of the first steps is to learn about the systems of the body. But since we can’t see most of them, visuals are a great tool.

Living Life and Learning has created some printables that are great for young learners!

Human Body Systems Printables

Human Body Systems

These printables are excellent for teaching young learners about their bodies.

The graphics are geared toward younger kids, making the systems easy to understand and learn.

Included are cards for the following systems:

Excretory system – eliminates waste

Reproductive system – creates a new baby

Skeletal system – provides support, structure and protects your body

Digestive system – breaks down food to extract nutrients to help body grow

Muscle system – helps the body move

Circulatory system – blood carries oxygen from the heart to each cell of the body

Nervous system – the brain communicates through a network of nerves and receives messages from your senses and then tells your body how to react

Respiratory system – bring oxygen into your body

Endocrine system – a collection of glands that produces hormones that regulate different body functions like growth and metabolism.

Lymphatic system – a network of lymphatic vessels that keeps the bodily fluids in balance and fights infection

With these printables, your children can make flashcards, lapbook foldables, and more!

They also make great review tools and file folder games.

To get your free set, just go to Living Life and Learning. While you’re there, be sure to take a look around – there are a bunch of other great ideas and resources!

You can also find more resources from Living Life and Learning here.

Download your set of Human Body System Printables!

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