Gratitude Journal Pages

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Who brings you joy?  What are your strengths?  Do you count your blessings?

Sometimes it’s hard to find gratitude as a homeschool mom.  I mean, there’s plenty of things to be thankful for, but it can be hard to slow down long enough to appreciate them.  However, journaling can help with this.  Today’s printable includes free journaling pages designed with gratitude in mind.

What’s included?

There are two page templates in this free printable. The first page will make you think about all of your blessings. Who are the people you are thankful for, what your strengths, what made you laugh today, what inspired you, how were you blessed?

The other page is strictly a journal page for you to write your thoughts. Bonus, if you like to color, well, all of the headings and graphics are made for you to fill in with your favorite colors!

So do you want to practice more gratitude in your life? Check this out today!

Grab Yours Here!

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