Creative Writing Story Prompts

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Making writing fun for our young learners is a key ingredient to helping them learn to love to write. These story prompts are a terrific way to do that!

Creative Writing Story Prompts

Creative Writing Story Prompts

R.E.A.L World Learners has designed a fun and effective set of writing prompt printables that your children will love!

This set is perfect for emerging writers. It allows them to get creative, but also gives them enough structure to make the process fun!

In this set, you’ll find prompts for an imaginary science experiment, a trip to outer space, a mystery, and more!

Chances are, your early learners are brimming with stories to tell. Harness that imagination to help them learn story structure and practice their writing or tracing!

To get your free set of prompts, just go to R.E.A.L. World Learners. While you’re there, be sure to take a look around – there are some great resources!

Download your set of Creative Writing Story Prompts!

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