June Planning Packs for Children

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June is quickly approaching and with it comes the need for a Children’s Planning Pack.

I know that so many of you look forward to getting this freebie each month and this month we are aiming to please!

June is such a fun time of year. Kids are done with school for the most part and can spend some time on vacation and in the sun.

Don’t let this time of the year pass you by without teaching your children about keeping track of their activities for the month.

These awesome planning packs for children will get them excited to start working on time management and keeping up with their goals.

These Children’s Planning packs will only be free until 6/18/17.  After that the price will go back to the regular price.

Make sure to grab them now!

Grab the one you like best and print it off today!  Get them all and mix and match the components that you want to use!

Use the ones that your children will be the most interested in!

No matter what, grab your packs while they are free!!

The June Planning Pack for Children includes:

  • Calendar
  • Daily agenda
  • Goal tracker
  • Prayer List
  •  Letter Templates
  • Thankful list
  • Birthday list
  • and much more

Grab the Cute Beacg Theme HERE

Grab the Ocean Animals Themed Pack HERE

I am thrilled that you are here and that you have grabbed these packs today!  I wanted to let you know, though, we offer many, many other Planning Packs for children!

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