Guinea Pig Facts Color and Copywork

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If your children are interested in having a pet, I know just the perfect one – the Guinea Pig.

I know what you are thinking… a rodent for a pet? A guinea pig?

What am I telling you to add to your home? Well, nothing that I don’t have at my home. In fact, we are the proud owners of five guinea pigs. Before you start thinking about how terrible our house must stink take note that our fellas live outside in the barn. I am allergic so they can’t be inside but they are perfectly content in the barn. We acquired our set from a breeder that houses hers out of doors so they are accustomed to being there so you will want to do some research on your area before housing your new pet outside.

Still not convinced?

I have a brand new color and copywork set about the guinea pig. In this pack you and your children will learn more about this adorable furry creature.

Learn all about the adorably cute critter, the guinea pig!


While it is true that guinea pigs are rodents, I am certain that is about as far as their resemblance to mice goes.

Find out why this creature is the perfect first pet for children and where they come from in this new pack!

Who is this pack for:

This pack is perfect for children in grades K – 4.  It can be adapted for use with older or younger children based on their needs.

This pack includes:

  • 10 Full color pages with facts about the guinea pig
  • 10 Black and white pages with facts about the guinea pig
  • 1 Color page lined
  • 1 Black and white page lined
  • 1 fully lined page

The idea of using this kind of pack is that your children are practicing many different skills while learning about an adorable animal. Choose to print off the color or the black and white version. Then present the pack to your child. They copy the fact on the page including capitalization and punctuation. This is practicing handwriting, spelling, grammar, and hand eye coordination.

Grab your pack today!

Learn all about the adorably cute critter, the guinea pig!

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