Free Printable Christmas Journal

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Sometimes the holidays can be super overwhelming and fly by.  It seems like one minute we are carving the turkey and the next we are watching the ball drop in Times Square.  Help your child to cherish the season using this free printable Christmas journal.  Check it out below!

Write stuff down and encourage your kids to the same.  Make recording the awesome, the ugly, the hopeful, and the excitement part of the event itself.

Combining writing, drawing, and doodling together can take away the intimidation of making “something.”  Expose kids to all kinds of opportunities to express themselves; some open ended process art experiences and some with a bit more structure.

Every kid responds to these opportunities differently.  The kid that dislikes free sketching may love using sketchbook prompts.    The kid that just can’t take directions may really get into learning a watercolor technique that they can then apply anyway they choose.

Keep throwing opportunities, materials, and different experiences out there because you never know what your kiddos will grab onto and love!

What are you waiting for?  Grab this exciting printable today!

Grab Yours Here!

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