Feed the Worm Alphabet Printable

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Are you learning letters in your homeschool?  Then check out this super neat activity today.  This one is hands-on learning at it’s best.  See all the details below!

Are you looking for a super fun way to teach the alphabet?  Check out this free printable today! #Alphabet #homeschooling #Printables

So how do you play?

This is just a fun simple little game that is quick to set up and needs very few materials. All you need is a printer, scissors, and a laminator (which is optional to make them reusable).


  • Cut on the dotted lines and fold on the sold lines. Cut out the mouth.
  • Laminate and Cut out apple cards and alphabet cards.
  • Draw a lower case alphabet card.
  • Find the matching uppercase letters on the apples.
  • Feed the apples to worms.

What are some other ways to play?

Alphabetical Order

Place the apples in alphabetical order. There are three sets of letters. For the younger kids, you could place out the letters and have them match them with a different color of apple.

Alphabet Flash Cards:

You could use the lowercase cards as flash cards or match the upper and lower case letters. Lay out the lower case letters and have them find the matching uppercase apple.

Word Building or Word Families

Build words with the letters.

Name Building

They could also use the apple letters to build their names. This is a great fine motor skill builder as well as helping them recognize the letters in their names.

What a great, super fun way to practice all those letters!

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