February Bible Brick Challenge Calendar

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If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to teach your children about the Bible, this is it! The Bible Brick Challenge from Proverbial Homemaker is a one-year program.

It’s all about teaching kids about the Bible through building with Legos. How much fun is that?

The February calendar is ready! (If you need the January calendar, it’s right here.)

Bible Brick Challenge February Calendar

February Bible Brick Challenge Calendar

These lessons are so much fun, and they’re a great way to help kids engage with scripture!

This month, you’ll find some great Bible stories to work with, including:


  • Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams
  • Pharaoh rewards Joseph
  • Joseph’s brothers in Egypt
  • Joseph tests his brothers
  • Joseph provides for brothers
  • Jacob and Joseph reunited
  • Israelites slaves in Egypt
  • Moses is born
  • The burning bush
  • Miracles for Moses
  • Making bricks without straw
  • Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh
  • Nile river turned to blood
  • Frogs, gnats, and flies
  • Disease, boils, and hail
  • Locusts and darkness
  • Final terrible plague
  • First passover
  • Exodus out of Egypt
  • Parting of the Red Sea
  • Waters at Marah
  • Manna from heaven
  • Water from the rock
  • Israel defeats Amalek
  • Jethro visits Moses
  • Moses goes up Mount Sinai
  • The 10 commandments
  • Ark of the covenant

These lessons are built around letting your students be creative with their building.  As you talk through the lesson, they get to build different parts of it out of Legos!

Because there are no specific instructions on what they have to build, they can build their creations at their own level. This helps make the lesson adjustable to different ages and helps kids really think through what they’re learning!

To get your free Bible Brick Challenge Calendar for February, just go to Proverbial Homemaker. While you’re there, be sure to check out all the other fun ideas and resources!

Download your free February Bible Brick Challenge Calendar!


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