Who Is An Artist? Visual Organizer

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Some of our kids know what they want to be from the time they’re small. Others take a longer path, finding their skills and strengths. For creative kids, figuring out “Who is an artist?” may be a challenge!

That’s why I love this set of visual organizers from Kitchen Table Classroom. They’re designed to help creative children figure out where they might fit in their future careers!

Who Is An Artist Visual Organizer

Who Is An Artist?

When many of us hear the word “artist,” we think of a painter behind an easel or a sculptor chiseling away at a block of marble.

There are many amazing career fields in the arts, though! Giving our children a chance to explore their options early on can be a huge benefit.

Does your child love to bake cakes or do special effects makeup? Are they fascinated with theater sets or floral design?

Would they like to put their creativity into web design, photography, or jewelry? Or would they like to help others by becoming an art therapist or teacher?

There are so many amazing opportunities. This set of visual organizers can help your child explore them!

The set comes with five pages and includes both full color “idea boards” and a black and white brainstorming organizer. What a great resource!

To get your set, just go to Kitchen Table Classroom. While you’re there, you’ll want to take a few minutes to look around – there are tons of great ideas and resources!

You can also find free resources from Kitchen Table Classroom here and here.

Download your “Who Is An Artist?” Visual Organizer Set!

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