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I am thrilled to bring you a brand new subscriber freebie from one of my dear friends…

These animal habitat games are a great way to have fun learning about 72 different animals and six animal habitats.

Each game covers 12 animals and includes two versions of a matching game so elementary students of any age can play. One version asks younger students to take turns drawing animal cards and matching pairs of animals. Another version challenges older students to match each animal name and picture with the proper description.

Have fun learning about the following animals:

Animals of the Mountains and Forests:

American black bear, brown bear, deer, elk, mountain goat, mountain lion, eagle, raccoon, mountain hare, fox, great gray owl, and turkey

Animals of the Antarctic:

Adelie penguin, emperor penguin, rockhopper penguin, blue whale, humpback whale, sperm whale, killer whale, minke whale, Weddell seal, elephant seal, spectacled porpoise, and Arctic tern

Animals of Freshwater Marshes:

Alligator, muskrat, crayfish, otter, egret, catfish, pike, dragonfly, marsh fly, snail, goldfish, and turtle

Animals of the Ocean:

Clown fish, jellyfish, lobster, octopus, puffer fish, squid, starfish, sei whale, pilot whale, great white shark, hammerhead shark, and blue shark

Animals of the Rainforest:

Sumatran orangutan, gorilla, parrot, piranha, toucan, agouti, cassowary, chameleon, howler monkey, iguana, sloth, and giant anteater

Animals of the Arctic:

Caribou, Arctic fox, lemming, moose, narwhal, Northern fur seal, harp seal, walrus, snow goose, puffin, beluga, and polar bear

You can get all 6 of these for free today!

This freebie lasts from 10/16/17 – 10/29/17. Please note that by claiming this freebie you are signing up as a subscriber of Homeschool Printables for Free and to our Sponsor: Write Bonnie Rose.

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